Imagine changing the way you eat, feel, look, and think
about your body and food in only 28 days.

Introducing UPGRADE 28, the whole foods 28-DAY program that can support you to make the changes you deserve.

Renew ~ Refresh ~ Recharge ~ Revitalize

3-cirlcles-vertWhy have you been going it alone? Take a moment to sit with the possibility of having a certified health coach on your team teaching you how to eat the best possible foods to energize you and get you thriving in your own body!

The good news? This can be your reality. I have a solution for you- UPGRADE 28! Over the course of the four weeks that we spend together you will get clarity around so many of the food and nutrition questions that have been lingering for years and dispel a few of the “food rumors” that you may have heard!



I know you are busy, it’s hard to find time to squeeze in ” you time” every week. Now is the time! There are no in-person meetings, we’ll have our group calls once a week to connect and help plot the course for the week ahead or answer your questions about your previous week.  If you miss a call, there will be a recording available! You’ll also have access to to the Upgrade 28 Online Community, a group of like-minded people on the same path to optimal health. Connect to share you inspiration and hear how real people, just like you are making it work in their lives!


Still on the fence?

This program is for you if you answered YES to one or more of these questions: 

  • Would you like to ditch old habits that don’t serve you anymore?
  • Have you tried all the “quick fixes” without any results to show for it?
  • Are you sick and tired of buying book after book, doing diet after diet, and still not experiencing the changes you desire?
  • Would you like more happiness, more energy, and a feeling of total balance throughout the day?
  • Would you like to live a life free from confusion about what to eat, where you feel completely in control of your body and mind?




Hi! I’m Adesina Dowers a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. My main mission in life is to inspire and empower women to live their best life while being happy in their bodies from the inside out. With a mixture of play and self- exploration, my coaching program will set you up to create a lifestyle that gives you the results you want!



 What’s the Difference Between Clean Eating & a Diet?

When you diet, you’re dwelling on fats, counting calories, and restrictions. Most of the time, you end up feeling tired and frustrated, right?

That’s what makes this program so different.

Unlike a diet, our 28-day adventure teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious, so you never have to get caught up counting calories again.

Instead, you’ll learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals over a 28-day period. Yes. Effortlessly. With everything in life, suffering is optional.  You can expect to start making long-lasting changes instead of opting for the next quick unsustainable fix and it will all feel good!

Clean eating is a movement, a revolution- not a fad. You’re about to embark on a life-changing experience, because you’re about to ditch the diet mentality forever. Are you ready to take the leap?

In 28 days, you will learn your healthy blueprint. You will know exactly which foods give you optimal energy, which jumpstart your metabolism, and how to plan your own meals. Embracing the concept of bioindividuality will show you no one style of eating works for everyone all of the time. You will be able to navigate your way through the wild and crazy world of prescribed diets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Paleo, Gluten Free, Carnivore Oh My!) and find what fuels your body!

My Intention Behind UPGRADE 28 Is For You to learn how to:

  • Eat the foods that are right for you and your unique body
  • Plan meals even if you are busy and have not time
  • Understand the importance of probiotics
  • Lean how your digestion can impact your immune system, skin and more!
  • Teach you about the food-mood connection. What we eat impacts how we act, feel and think
  • How to put yourself first and not feel guilty about it
  • Find exercise that fits your unique body and lifestyle
  • Take the exact steps, week by week, that will help you achieve long-lasting results
  • Give you daily assignments over a 28-day period that will empower you to make lifelong changes
  • Tap into a place of power that exists in all of us, which will enable you to leave behind old habits
  • Make healthy recipes that will leave you satisfied with every bite
  • Snack on healthy snacks – yep, did I mention you get 40 of ‘em?
  • Make easy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Crowd out the bad stuff and bring in the yummy foods to replace it – no deprivation here!

Learn the concept of Primary Food, the kind of food that fills our soul and how to create a balanced healthy life that leads to balanced and informed decision making around food and beyond.



Upgrade 28: The Nuts and Bolts 

You do not have to spend even one ounce of energy thinking about when to eat or what to eat. I have put together a program that will guarantee results for you, plus take the headache out of “What should I eat today?”

I’m not talking short-term results or short-term habits here. I’m talking about the kind of results you get when you are supported for 28 days with a step-by-step instructional guide, a manual, recipes, handouts, and shopping lists galore that make your life easy and simple.  I created this program to be a manual for life. Each day, you have action steps you can take towards your health goals.

It all begins once you say yes!! As soon as you’ve registered for the program you will get access to it all! You’ll get your program guide, recipe guide, shopping list and tons more information to help you on your path to a healthy happy balanced life!

What You Get:

  • 5 Weekly Group Support Calls with me and your Upgrade 28 community!
  • 4 Weekly eBook Guides with daily emails containing informative handouts, worksheets, audio files and video files, so you get chunks of information daily, making it easy to apply these principles to your life.
  • Recipe Guide loaded with 53 gluten-free, family-friendly recipes created by a fabulous chef
  • Total of 4 Weekly Meal Planners and Shopping Lists for each week
  • A Simple-to-Use Food Diary
  • 6 Handouts – these are your cheat sheets, ‘cause life is busy. I want to give you all the help I can!
    • 40 Snacks on the Go
    • Gluten-Free Substitutions
    • How to Go Gluten-Free
    • Demystifying Portion Control
    • The 101 on Vegetable Cooking Methods
    • Top Vegetarian Proteins

Plus you get a bonus 30 minute Keep on Rising Strategy Session with me! 

Regain Your Energy Now!

Start feeling your best today. Glow from the inside out. Feel outstanding no matter how busy your life is! Empower yourself because you deserve to feel amazing with every breath.

I promise you this:

You will not starve.

You will not be deprived.

You will thrive.

No more diets.

No more wondering which foods are right for you.


Just a simple, 28-day whole foods program. The transformation begins the moment you click:


“I’ve been trying to find balance in my life for years.   Addy has given me the tools and support necessary to finally make permanent changes for comprehensive wellness.   As a result, I’ve been more successful both professionally and in my relationships and am excited about eating and working out.  Her approach is fun, flexible and addresses not only “how” and “what” to do differently, but also uncovers what is holding you back…I feel more confident, have more energy, and am excited about the future!



You will learn how to:

  • Love prepping meals
  • Love your kitchen and know how to make it feel like home
  • Make healthy snacks
  • Prepare nourishing and delicious meals for the whole family
  • Exercise with the right exercises for your body
  • Portion your foods, while never feeling like you are dieting
  • Pick healthy foods and create meals for yourself that will satisfy all of your taste buds
  • Crowd out the bad stuff & bring in the healthy goodies
  • Eat at a restaurant & order off a menu
  • Eat the right protein, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or interested in reducing animal proteins in your life
  • Use tools for committing to change and to a healthy life


Finished Upgrade 28 days to a new you

“Adesina is such a beautiful force in my life! Not only is she a competent and passionate yoga instructor, she is also rock’n my world as my holistic life coach!  She challenges me to grow while simultaneously affirming my strengths and progress.  Adesina has helped me surpass many of the goals I set for myself and keeps me inspired by her grounded support and her creative, effective ideas.”

“I’ve been lucky to have Addy in my life for the last few years, and I can honestly say she a huge part and driving force of why my life is where it is now.  Addy saw something in me, in who I am and what I was searching for, and where my life was off track – and she inspired me, coached me, and guided me into living the life that makes me happy!  Not only did she bring positive energy, fun, and lots of laughs into her coaching, but she also fought to make sure that we all succeeded.  I believe in myself because Addy believes in me – it’s true!”

Program Starts on May 19th!

Cost of Program: $150

You do not have the leave the comfort of your own home or re-route your already busy life if you want to check out this e-course! Interested in extra support? Contact me for more info about 1:1 coaching.




Step Into Your Power ~ Shine your light ~ Evolve your relationship with food