1. Tulum Retreat ▾

    Revive Your Vibe

    Reset Your Mind, Body and Goals: A Yoga + Spa Retreat with Adesina Dowers
    Join me in Tulum for a New Years Yoga retreat! 5 days of vinyasa, beach,
    relaxing spa treatments and time to set the tone for your year ahead.
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  2. Dare to Detox ▾

    Dare to Detox

    Recharge, Nourish & Reset Your Metabolism in 11 Days
    Hit the reset button and feel more alive, recharged, and renewed.
    Discover the blueprint for your healthy body!
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  3. Health Coaching ▾

    Holistic Health Coaching

    Become a Holistic Health Coach!
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A native new yorker, Adesina “Addy” Dowers always knew that her love of and commitment to yoga and a happy healthy life could pave the way for a career that feeds her mind, body and soul and is aligned with her core values of service, acceptance and encouragement. Now Adesina is fulfilling her mission in life to inspire and empower women to live their best life, while being happy in their bodies from the inside out.

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I believe there’s no one-size-fits-all diet – each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional needs. We are all amazing unique individuals with our own set of needs and desires. Why not empower yourself to learn what works you? Join me for my Dare to Detox program or let’s work together one on one to pave the road to your happy place. Together we will peel back all of the layers and learn the blueprint for your healthy body!

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In my life, my yoga practice became a gateway to self-discovery and self love. As one of my favorite teachers always says "Suffering is optional." Through yoga, I got to experience that lesson first hand in life both on and off my mat. Practicing with me you can expect a fun, playful class designed to challenge your mind and your body. I offer supportive, alignment based classes accentuated with hands on adjustments.

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